Trick or Treat

Chelin Gonzalez, Destiny Castro, and Melanie Borroto

It is that time of year when children all around the nation, go around neighborhoods knocking on people’s doors. Trick or Treating is a Halloween activity that many children and adults participate in. Children in costumes travel from house to house asking for treats with the phrase “Trick or Treat”. People of all ages enjoy getting candy on Halloween; however there are many pros and cons as to whether or not Trick or Treating is an activity to participate in.
One pro of Trick or Treating is you receive an overload of delicious free candy! Another pro of participating in this extremely fun activity is that you get to spend some time eating and getting candy with your family and friends at no cost. You get the chance to express yourself in fun and funny costumes. Trick or Treating can lead to people interacting with other people in their community. Not to mention, this activity keeps the Halloween spirit alive and it keeps your inner child alive! Trick or Treating teaches children of all ages good manners and how to be cautious.
One con is that some teenagers that Trick or Treat may not be kid friendly. In other words, they could bully smaller kids. Some communities argue that they waste money on buying dumb candies for other kids. The candy that kids receive is not guaranteed safe. For example, the people who give out the candy can put something in it to harm children. Some kids do not like receiving grandma candies. It could also be embarrassing to find someone else wearing your costume!
Trick or Treating is an extremely entertaining activity for anyone to participate in. However, there are many cons to this activity as well. Therefore, be aware of many things, but make sure to have fun on this spooky night.