2019-2020 School Year Goals

Destiny Castro and Chelin Gonzalez

A sixth grader named, Roxanne Cabrerra stated that her number one goal for this year is to get straight a’s. In the beginning of the school year, we interviewed middle school and we came upon varieties of answers. We asked the 6th graders if they felt that the grade was difficult. The majority of them responded saying that it was a little difficult. The sixth graders are content that this year they have electives, because they feel that it makes school more entertaining. Jerrine Benitez, also a 6th grader, stated that they did not know how they felt about the change. This explains that they don’t feel content or devastated about the change of schedule. To conclude, the majority of 6th graders enjoy sixth grade and feel that they have more freedom.
A seventh grader named Kiana Smith stated that the homework seems to be harder now then the homework in 6th grade. Since I myself am a 7th grader I agree with Kiana Smith. The majority of 7th graders stated that they are looking forward to upcoming events. I believe that most 7th graders stated that 7th grade homework is more difficult, because there is more given. Finally, like the 6th graders, one accomplishment for this school year is to get better grades than last year.
An eighth grader named Zachary Saenz stated that one thing that he would like to accomplish this year, is to turn in homework. Some eighth graders stated that they are ready for high school, because they are already used to receiving a lot of homework. In other words, they feel that this school prepares you well for high school. Eighth graders feel that they have a little bit of more freedom, however they feel that they will have more freedom in high school. Lastly, eighth graders are excited for upcoming events.